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      The Snowbird line-up for 2003 is exciting and is focused on lighter weight designs that appeal to today's travelers. Models that did not fit the new marketing profile were discontinued, and some production was shifted to the Custom Campers factory, which has built smaller, lighter trailers for many years. Innovative design concepts are combined with reduced weight, exceptional livability, and quality to provide the value NuWa customers have learned to expect. All SnowBird products use NuWa's famous "panel core" construction concept for greatest weight to strength ratio. SnowBird trailers are typically sold by a separate dealer organization from other NuWa 5th wheels, although some of the larger metropolitan dealers may carry both products. Whether you visit the factory for a tour to see the SnowBird, or seek out the dealer in your area, this trailer needs to be seen to be appreciated.

     The SnowBird family has three product lines the SnowBird LS (Lite Series) (26 1/2' 34 1/2'), the SnowBird SE (Select Edition) (32' 34'), and the SnowVilla Plus Two (32'plus two -36' plus two). All are described in the SnowBird product information section.

SnowBird LS

         The SnowBird LS, (Lite Series) is built at the Custom factory and addresses one of the biggest issues for RVer's today; how to reduce weight without compromising structural integrity. NuWa / Custom's time honored tradition of superior construction and insulating techniques, including the unique "Panel Core" Vacubond Lamination process creates a lighter yet stronger trailer. The use of "blue" styrene foam insulation in the vaubond process provides as much as 25% more sidewall strength and insulation than the white bead foam used by competitive brands. NuWa / Custom's history of exceptional design experience creates outstanding floorplans that feature tremendous storage, both inside and out, with great livability, comfortable home style furniture, and a warm spacious residential feel. If lighter weight, superior construction, and affordable value are what you seek, combined with comfort, style, and proven reliability, then take a look at the SnowBird LS models for 2003.

exterior picture of a SnowBird LS

Lengths of 26 1/2' - 34 1/2'
Retail pricing from $32,625

SnowBird SE

         The SnowBird commitment to innovative, practical designs for the future is evident in the SnowBird SE. Completely redesigned for 2003, the Select Edition features a level bath/bedroom floor, which creates an enormous basement storage area that you have to see to believe. Some models offer the walk thru bath concept and some models offer the enclosed side bath concept for more privacy. In response to customer requests, these models offer a Queen Bed with nightstands on both sides of the bed, which allows a King Bed option by deleting the nightstands. The ceiling height in the living room, kitchen, and glide rooms has been increased to provide a more spacious residential feel. The New SnowBird SE continues the tradition of exceptional and innovative designs in an exciting new package.

exterior picture of a SnowBird SE

Lengths of 32' - 34'
Retail pricing from $46,120

SnowBird SnowVilla

         The renaming of this unique SnowBird 5th wheel for 2003 identifies it as a trailer designed for serious RV enthusiast. The Plus two concept is a big hit with "full timers". The "bonus" storage space (both inside and out) of this design provides two added feet of trailer without increasing "on the road" length. Simply put, the front cab over section is aerodynamically shaped and extended forward of the hitch pin to fill the void behind the truck cab, which is normally needed as the trailer pivots on the hitch. Because this space is forward of the hitch pin box, Snowvilla Plus Two is able to make usable storage space of this area with the "plus two" design. It does not add towing length, it is very affordable and adds little weight. And here's the best part. Towability is noticeably enhanced, because the aerodynamic trailer front is closer to the truck cab, which deflects air, and does not allow it to "buffet" the truck bed and lower section of the trailer. The result is easier towing and improved fuel efficiency. Tri-axles used on the longer models do not add much cost, (the "E" range tire save money) and actually create a smoother ride for the trailer and a greater cargo capacity for those who want to fill up all that storage space.

         Available in lengths of 32', 34', 35', and 36' Plus Two, and weights from 11,600 to 12,990 lbs., they range in price from $55,000 - $63,000. 36' models are available with King Bed or Queen Bed, and all models feature the huge walk in front closet. The spacious amount of carpeted floor space in this closet lets you organize it just like you would at home. The SnowVilla is built in the NuWa factory using the same "panel core" construction techniques as used on all NuWa trailers. This exciting "plus two" design concept is even more exciting for 2003.

exterior picture of a SnowBird SnowVilla

Lengths of 32+2' - 36+2'
Retail pricing from $60,600