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     Welcome to the innovative world of HitchHiker, where tradition is constantly re-invented to meet the ever-changing needs and desires of 5th wheel customers. The 2003 model year has more new models and redesigned products than ever before provided by NuWa. Customers continue to search for exciting and unique floorplan designs to fulfill their Discover America lifestyle, and NuWa leads the industry in exciting, yet practical design concepts. Whether it is the new "Touring Coach" design, the full timer "Quad glide" design, the lighter weight Discover America models, or the totally redesigned Premier, NuWa has some of the most exciting new trailers in the industry. Known as a leader of design, because of managements RVing experience, the 2003 models will be the talk of the campgrounds this year. NuWa's commitment is to continue to develop these residential style, lighter weight trailers with superior reliability, that proudly keep our customers coming home to HitchHiker.

     The HitchHiker has three product lines – the Discover America Series (29' – 34 ½'), the Premier Series (33'-35'), and the Champagne Edition (33'-38'). The quality and structural integrity are virtually equal, as they are built on the same production line by the same people with the same hi-gloss fiberglass lamination and vacubond process. Material and features vary in order to meet different price points and weight limitations. The lighter weight, value price HitchHiker II products (26 ½' -34 ½'), manufactured by subsidiary Custom Campers are described under the HitchHiker II section. 2003 brochures are now available for all of these 5th wheel products to provide the detail information you need to make your buying decision.

     New optional features worthy of mention for all HitchHiker product series are easy to move leather Euro Chairs with footstools, "knock down" storable dining chairs for more space when only two chairs are needed, and space for a 5 cu. ft. freezer above the combo washer/dryer area of many models.  

HitchHiker Discover America

         The Discover America models offer shorter, lighter, value packed 96" wide HitchHikers ranging in length from 29' – 34 ½', in weights from 9,889 – 11,500 lbs., and in base prices from $46,000 - $56,500. Some Discover America models are under 12 feet in overall height, and most models can be 12' or less if an optional Penguin low profile model air conditioner is installed. This information is provided for those customers, who might want to be able to store their HitchHiker in a storage building with a 12 foot tall door. Added equipment and features as standard for 2003 increase the value, and additional floorplans increase the choices to customers. New Touring Coach model focus on exceptional quality, storage, and livability in shorter length.

         Residential furniture and exceptional cabinetry quality are immediately obvious. Not so obvious are the reduced weights, the aluma-core lamination concept, the design by detail philosophy that produces superior livability, or the experience of the people who design and produce the trailer. The design by detail philosophy has resulted in noticeable improvements of livability and interior storage, and increases to outside storage and cargo capacity will be appreciated by customers of 2003 models. NuWa's 18 month "hitch to bumper" warranty is now added to the 24 month structural and glide room warranty, to give evidence of commitment to reliability. Visit your HitchHiker dealer, who typically stocks several of these exciting new models, which have earned respect in the campground.

exterior picture of a HitchHiker Discover America

Lengths of 29' - 34 1/2'
Retail pricing from $46,800

HitchHiker Premier

         Re-introduced in 2002, this popular unit has always appealed to full timer's who want more features or length than the Discover America offers, but prefer having another choice to the luxury features and expense of the Champagne. The Premier has been totally redesigned to feature residential hardwood cabinetry, exceptional storage, reduced weight, and increased load capacity. The 100" wide body design of the Premier provides additional livability to bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen areas. Storage, reduced weight (11,500 – 12,100 lbs.), increased cargo capacity and residential livability are the major features, which will appeal to today's customers. The new 33' model offers a full size king bed and a single level bathroom/bedroom floor design, and a second 35" model will be available before January, 2003. The trademark "vista view" window provides a practical view of those romantic moonlit nights or snow covered mountains.

exterior picture of a HitchHiker Premier

Lengths of 33' - 35'
Retail pricing from $60,300

HitchHiker Champagne

         This "luxury flagship" of the HitchHiker family of 5th wheel trailers has been in the campgrounds for over 25 years. More affordable than might be expected for its elegance and features, the 100" wide Champagne models come in lengths of 33' – 38', in weights from 12,600 – 14,000 lbs., and in price range from $64,500 - $68,500. Few options are necessary to outfit this recreational 5th wheel residence. Two very revolutionary "Quad-glide models have been added, a new maple wood option is now available, and all models have received extensive design changes to increase livability, storage, and to reduce weight.

         The NEW 2003 CHAMPAGNE EDITION by Nu Wa is a response to the ever-changing desires of our customers. Solid surface countertops, 32" Stereo TV, CD/DVD Player with a five speaker Surround Sound Receiver System, and a built-in 19" TV in the bedroom allow you to enjoy the latest technology and entertainment. Careful study will reveal maximum storage, functional residential cabinetry, lots of drawers, a pillow-top mattress, quality furniture, and attention to detail. Bus type paddle handles access the enormous outside storage compartments for easy opening and an optional storage tray is available for pullout access to the center storage section. Stop by your HitchHiker dealer and experience these and other features in the 2003 Champagne.

exterior picture of a HitchHiker Champagne

Lengths of 33' - 38'
Retail pricing from $65,900