Welcome to the innovative world of HitchHiker, where “design by detail” is a passion; and where products are constantly re-invented to meet the ever-changing needs and desires of 5th wheel customers. The 2004 model year has more new models and redesigned features than ever before provided by NuWa. Customer surveys provide the input, which is then used to create exciting and unique floorplan designs to fulfill their Discover America lifestyle. Nuwa is known as the company that leads the industry with practical, livability design. Whether it is the lighter weight, lower profile, Touring Coach design or the full timer Luxury Suite, Premier and Champagne models, NuWa has some of the most exciting new trailers in the industry. NuWa invented the “quad glide” and now we are re-inventing and refining that concept into smaller trailers. NuWa's commitment is to continue to develop these residential style, lighter weight trailers with superior reliability, that proudly keep our customers coming home to HitchHiker.
33 RKBG Premier Interior
Shown: 33 RKBG Premier
     The HitchHiker has three product lines – the Discover America Series (29' – 34 1/2'), the Premier Series (33'-35'), and the Champagne Edition (33'-38'). The quality and structural integrity of these products are virtually equal, as they are built on the same NuWa production line by the same people with the same hi-gloss fiberglass lamination and vacubond process. Material and features vary in order to meet different price points and weight goals. The lighter weight, value priced HitchHiker II products (26 ½'-34 ½'), are manufactured by subsidiary Custom Campers and are described under the HitchHiker II section.

     New optional features worthy of mention for most HitchHiker products are: Easy to move leather Euro Chairs with footstools; “knock down” storable dining chairs for more space when only two chairs are needed, space for a 5 cu. ft. freezer in some models, dual pane windows, sliding storage trays, and disc brakes, air ride or Mor Ryde suspension for larger models.

HitchHiker Discover America

     The Discover America models offer shorter, lighter, value packed 96” wide HitchHikers with two, three, or four glides. Some floorplans are available in both Touring Coach and Luxury Suite versions, and use the same construction techniques and equipment. But now you have more choices to better fit your lifestyle plans.

     The 2004 Touring Coach models are designed for quality minded RV'ers, who want a smaller, lighter, “more nimble” trailer to match their “Discover America” lifestyle. Touring Coach models feature:

  • a lower height to fit into storage buildings & tight spaces.
  • a shorter length and lighter weight to enhance towability.
  • and unique compact bedrooms that still provide lots of storage and comfort.
     The residential furniture and exceptional cabinetry quality of the 2004 Luxury Suite models are immediately obvious. Not so obvious is the aluma-core lamination concept, that creates a superior strength to weight ratio and a more durable trailer. The “design by detail” philosophy has resulted in noticeable improvements of livability and interior storage, and increases the outside storage and cargo capacity of 2004 models. Core features of the Luxury Suite versus Touring Coach are:
  • Approximately 6” taller to allow single bath/bedroom floor feature
  • Increased interior height of bedroom for more spacious feeling
  • Increased height in baggage compartment for more storage capacity
  • Radius roof line design with new front and rear fiberglass end caps
  • Singe bath/bedroom floor to eliminate steps in the bedroom

HitchHiker Discover America Coach

  • Floor Plans & Specifications
  • Features, Options, & Pricing

  • Exterior Pictures
  • Interior Showroom

  • Lengths of 29' - 34 1/2'
    Retail pricing from $47,200

    HitchHiker Premier

         This popular unit has always appealed to full timer's who want more width, length, or features than the Discover America offers, but prefer having another choice to the luxury features and expense of the Champagne. The Premier has been totally redesigned to feature residential hardwood cabinetry, durable hard surface counter edges, exceptional storage, reduced weight (11,600-12,900), and increased load capacity. The 100” wide body design provides additional livability to bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen areas, and storage. Two new 33' double glide models offer a King Bed option and exceptional livability, while maintaining the “on road” unit access, and lighter weight you tell us you want. The trademark “vista view” window provides a practical view of those romantic moonlit nights or snow covered mountains. Wood construction combined with our superior lamination process is preferred by the experienced customers, who complete our surveys. It is expected that disc brakes, and Mor Ryde suspension will be popular options for this 2004 product.  

    HitchHiker Premier Coach

  • Floor Plans & Specifications
  • Features, Options, & Pricing

  • Exterior Pictures
  • Interior Showroom

  • Lengths of 33' - 35'
    Retail pricing from $58,500

    HitchHiker Champagne

         This luxury “flagship” of the HitchHiker family of 5th wheel trailers has been in the campgrounds for over 25 years. The Champagne Edition is the ultimate HitchHiker design. A truly residential appearance is immediately noticed in the elegant decors with leather recliners, the hard surface countertops, and superior handcrafted ash or optional maple hardwood cabinets. Most models feature a longer glide to allow switching of sofa and chairs or the addition of optional 74” sofa. Attention to detail is seen throughout in an effort to provide the discriminating customer the best value. Available in a “full timer” trailer. Not inexpensive and not light (as no true “high end” 5th wheel is), the Champagne is an effort to create balance of the features you want and the price and weight you will accept. From the heavy duty frame to the extra thickness of roof and floor for strength and added insulation, to NuWa's unique “panel core” sidewall construction, to the new “whisper air” heat and air design, the Champagne is loaded with value. And for 2004 you may choose from these new options requested by customers; dual sliding storage area trays, Air-Ride or Mor Ryde suspension, disc brakes and dual pane windows.

    HitchHiker Champagne Coach

  • Floor Plans & Specifications
  • Features, Options, & Pricing

  • Exterior Pictures
  • Interior Showroom

  • Lengths of 33' - 38'
    Retail pricing from $66,900

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