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  1. Are your fifth wheels designed for Four Season use?
  2. Is the Blue Dow foam insulation NuWa uses really as good as they say?
  3. Can someone explain thermopane versus storm windows?
  4. What is NuWa's opinion of "glide topper" awnings?
  5. What are the differences between the TrailAir Equa-Flex and the TrailAir Center Point air ride suspension systems?
  6. What is this NuWa Owners Forum I keep hearing about?
  7. I hear several manufacturers claim to be the "inventor" of the glide room. What are the facts?
  8. Do I need to upgrade the suspension system on a NuWa product?
  9. Can I use a short bed truck, and if so, do I need a sliding hitch on my tow vehicle?
  10. Can I bring my HitchHiker to the factory for service?

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  1. questionWhy does a shorter 5th wheel often have a rougher ride than a longer unit?
    Many people purchase a 27'-29' 5th wheel with the assumption that it will be easier to tow. This is not always the case. The main benefit of the shorter unit is it's probable lighter weight and it's improved maneuverability. But that's probably where the benefits end. If the heights of units ar ...

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