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     For over20 years NuWa subsidiary Custom Campers has focused on smaller, lighter, and more affordable 5th wheel trailers to compliment the larger full timer units produced at the NuWa factory. This strategy has worked well, and the popularity of HitchHiker II trailers over the years is evidence that Custom is exceptional at smaller unit design. By combining the design quality and experience of NuWa with the smaller unit focus of Custom, many of the popular floorplans in the industry today were born at Custom Campers. This tradition continues more than ever in 2003. NuWa / Custom's "design by detail" philosophy reveals itself in the new products available today. Exceptional livability and storage in smaller packages is appreciated by customers, who still want to use the HitchHiker II as their "go South" trailer, or by customers, who use the trailer at lakes and campgrounds closer to home. Utilizing the same "panel core" lamination concept as NuWa, the HitchHiker II is the only "value product" on the market using the 25% stronger and better insulating blue foam by Dow. Focus is on construction quality, lighter weight, and exceptional livability and appearance for a trailer of this size and price point. By asking our customers to wisely invest just a little more, Custom is able to use quality materials and give the attention to the production process that creates a trailer capable of years of reliable and enjoyable service. And the HitchHiker II trailers are backed by the same 18 month "hitch to bumper" warranty and a 24 month structural warranty as other HitchHikers. See your HitchHiker dealer soon, as he has lots of new floor plans for you.

HitchHiker II LS

         In response to customer requests for a quality choice of smaller, lighter, and more affordable 5th wheel trailers, Custom Campers has developed the 'value packed" Lite Series (LS) family of trailers. Utilizing NuWa's extensive design experience, the 2003 product is better looking than ever and continues to gain in popularity, Customers, who had previously viewed NuWa as only a family of "high end" trailers, are beginning to realize that Custom can provide the more affordable "value packed" 5th wheel trailers in such demand today by the "baby boomers", who since 9/11 have refocused on family and the Discover America lifestyle. Mediocrity of design and workmanship, so often seen in competitive brands is not acceptable at Custom. "Design by detail" is obvious, and each model is scrutinized by experienced RVer's before it is put on the market. LS models are available in lengths of 26 ' for those who tow boats, to 34 ' for those who want great livability in a lighter, more affordable package. The electric glide mechanisms used in the LS models, save weight over the hydraulic systems of other HitchHiker units, and the frames are 8"-10" I-Beam for additional weight savings. Though not intended to match the features of the higher end Hitchhikers and HitchHiker II Deluxe's, the LS by Custom is becoming a very popular choice for weight and value conscious customers. Innovative floor plans offer many choices and 2003 models are on display at HitchHiker dealers now.

exterior picture of a HitchHiker II LS

Lengths of 26.5' - 34.5'
Retail pricing from $32,625

HitchHiker II Deluxe

         Sold by the thousands in the past decade, the Deluxe model has been totally redesigned for 2003. Available in limited models these mid size, high end trailers offer similar standard equipment found in their larger HitchHiker cousins, and utilize the same hydraulic glide system and construction methods. Value of these models have been increased the past two years by adding popular options as standard equipment, and by creating a "value package" to reduce the total price of the trailer. Although the Deluxe model competes in size and price with it's HitchHiker cousin, Discover America, the floorplans are quite different, as are major features. This is one more way to provide customers the choice of design they want and deserve, but because they compete for space, not all HitchHiker dealers will stock both products. There are two very noticeable new features of the HH II Deluxe for 2003: a level bath/bedroom floor, which also creates an enormous basement storage area, and a choice of Queen Bed with two nightstands or a King Bed without nightstands. Several inches of trailer height are added above the bed/bath area, and the ceiling height in the living room, kitchen, and glide rooms has been increased to provide a more spacious residential feel. Available in 32'-34' lengths, the Deluxe modes are priced from $48,000 - $54,000, and provide one more quality choice for discriminating customers.

exterior picture of a HitchHiker II Deluxe

Lengths of 32' - 33'
Retail pricing from $44,010