HitchHiker Features & Options:

Air Conditioner, 13,500 BTU in Roof Duct S N/A N/A
Air Conditioner, 15,000 BTU in Roof Duct O S S
Air Conditioner, 13,500 BTU in Bedroom O O O
Air Conditioner Heat Strip O O N/A
Air Conditioner Heat Pump O O S
Antenna, TV w/ Amplifier S S S
Awning S S S
Awning, Windows O O O
Axles, NEV-R-Lube S S S
Battery Cut Off Switch S S S
Battery, Installed, 2 Each O O O
Battery Maintenance Solar Panel (Complete) O O O
Battery Maintenance Solar Panel Prewiring (only) S S S
Battery Slide-Out Tray S S S
Bedroom Glide S S S
Bed, Queen w/ Bedspread & Hyd. Lifts for Storage S S S
Brakes - 12" Electric SEE SPECS    
Brakes - 12" Heavy Duty SEE SPECS    
Cabinet Doors, Raised Panel Oak S S S
Cable TV/Satellite Connection S S S
Carpet, In Bathroom Area S O S
Celing Fan S S S
Chair, Recliner (Leather) Exchange for Fabric (2) O O S
Chair, Recliner (2) Cloth S S O
Coffee Table w/ Lift Top O O O
Cover - Stove Top O S S
Day/Night Shades S S S
Electric Service, 50 AMP O S S
End Table, Oak O S S
Entrance Steps, Triple S S S
Exterior Security Lights (4) O O S
Fabric Ceiling O O S
Fiberglass Caps, Front & Rear S S S
Fiberglass Exterior, Flat Smooth Finish S S N/A
Fiberglass, High Gloss Automotive Finish O O S
Fire Extinguisher S S S
Fireplace (Some Floor Plans) O O O
Floor-Flush, Living Room Glide S S S
Floor in Kitchen and Entry Way, Wood Grain Laminate O O O
Floor In Kitchen and Entry Way, Designer Lino N/A S S
Freezer, 5.2 cu. ft. 110v N/A O O
Generator, 4KW Onan (Requires Prep Kit) O O O
Generator, Prep. Kit (w/ CO Detector) O O O
Glide Room, Hyrdaulic (Manual Override w/ Rack & Pinion) S S S
Handrail, Fold Away O O O
Heavy Guage RG-6 Coaxial Cable Througout S S S
Hitch O O O
Hitch, 2" Receiver w/ Wiring O O O
Hitch Light S S S
Heated Holding Tanks S S S
Holding Tank Flush Kit S S S
Insulation - Vacubond Sidewalls w/ Blue Styrofoam S S S
Jacks, Bal Stabilizer (Rear) O O O
Jacks, Stabilizer Electric (Rear) O O O
Jacks, Electric, Heavy Duty S S N/A
Jacks, Super Heavy Duty Electric N/A O S
King Bed (37 & 38 Only) N/A N/A O
Ladder for Roof Access (Removable) O O O
Light Patio S S S
Lino in Stool Area S S S
LP Bottles, 30 lb. W/ Auto regulator S S S
LP Gas Detector S S S
Luggage Rack O O O
Mattress, Ultra Firm, Soft Top O O S
Microwave S S S
Microwave, Convection N/A N/A O
Mud Flaps O O S
Porcelain Toilet O O S
Refrigerator, 8CU Large 2-Door S S S
Refrigerator, 10 CU. Thin Wall, Large 2-Door O O O
Refrigerator, Side by Side w/ Icemaker 12 CU. N/A OS/M OS/M
Refrigerator, Side by Side w/ Icemaker 14 CU. Thin Wall N/A OS/M OS/M
Rubber Roof S S S
Shock Absorbers S S S
Satellite Dish, 18" DSS roof Mounted O O O
Shackles, Heavy Duty Greasable S S S
Smoke Alarm S S S
Sofa, HAB w/ Innerspring Mattress S S S
Sofa, Leather O O O
Solid Surface Countertop w/ Molded Sink N/A N/A S
Spare Tire w/ Hoist O O O
Stereo AM/FM, Cassette, 3 CD Changer S S N/A
Stereo AM/FM, DVD/CD With Remote N/A O S
Storage Slide-out Tray O O O
Sunscreen Bay Window O O O
Surround Sound N/A N/A S
Table, Oak Trestle w/ Chairs S S N/A
Table, Oak Hidden Leaf, w/ Chairs O O S
Telephone Jacks (3) S S S
Toilet, Spray Cleaning Attachment O O S
TV in Bedroom O O S
TV, Stereo w/ Remote S S S
TV Lead, Bedroom Location S S S
TV/VCR Distribution Center (5 Inputs) S S S
Vacuum Cleaner, Centrally Located O O O
Vent Fantastic O O S
Vent, Power in Bathroom Area S S S
Washer/Dryer Prep, Some Models S S S
Washer/Dryer Combo Installed OS/M O/SM OS/M
Washer/Dryer Stak Pak Installed N/A O/SM OS/M
Water Accumulator O O S
Water Filter, Kitchen O O S
Water Heater By-Pass Kit S S S
Water Heater, DS/LP/110v Electric S S S
Windows, Dark Tint, Safety S N/A N/A
Windows, Solar Safety Glass O S S